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Thursday, April 26

No Photos

Every couple of years my hosting provider does something to a machine
running my services and it breaks. Although I appreciate them upgrading
hardware (and I also know that stuff fails once in a while) it's always
a major PITA to fix. After a couple of weeks of intermittent problems,
my photo gallery has stopped working altogether. Simple user-level
maintenance hasn't fixed the issue so a reinstall and db restore is
afoot. Sorry it's down - I'll get it back up soon. Apparently I was a
couple of sw versions behind anyway, so things might be slicker when
they return... Oh, one more thing - there's nothing I can do about the
new Google banner. And some Opera users might get an error saying that
my blog doesn't allow frames - this is a recent Opera 'innovation' and
can be resolved by masquerading as Firefox. Joy.


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