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Wednesday, May 23

NC10 + F17 - Beefy Miracle Indeed

Well things have been changing recently. I have posted before about my
love for the simple, cheap and effective MacBook Air killer that is the
Samsung NC10 (and derivatives). Mine has loads of air-miles and lots of
hours of productivity logged- which is why I was anxious when I chose to
nuke it recently. Sure, I had backups of the home area and I ripped a
text file of all the installed packages, but it was still a trepidatious
time. Since it was all mirrored and I was planning to leave the
neglected Win partition behind for more Linux space I though I might as
well give F17 - Beefy Miracle - a go. Well the headline is: I like it
and after some tweaks it's as good as it was before. Except the screen
brightness hot keys now work out of the box. Compiz is gone, as is AWN
for now. Using Cairo Dock and some Mac-like icon and window themes
(applied using carefully chosen shell extensions) seems to resolve most
candy issues. All apps are good to go. :-)


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