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Wednesday, August 15

Tyres for 650C

Well this week was a major PITA. I was just in the early days of a torrid new affair with the Anok FIBUA (snappy name for my new 650C commuter) when I had three p*nctures in two rides. At least 2 of the flats were caused by the Vredstein Fortezza TripComp folding tyres I was using, which appear to have deep cracks between the rubber compounds. They are also very soft, which I imagine translates into low rolling resistance and high grip. Not good for picking up glass and flints though. So they have been replaced with Conti Gatorskins, which are much prettier anyway. We'll see how we go, but safe to say eBay's not a good deal for these - they were about a quid cheaper brand new from Wiggle. Pics to come.


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