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Wednesday, October 2

Dramas of Networking!

Randomly home for a while and tinkering with networks. So we have fibre and the bandwidth is awesome, up to 3mbps upstream and 60mbps downstream. I am therefore mystified as to why the provider has issued us with the worst combination fibre modem / router ever. Using new tech I was achieving 45mbps on a direct ethernet connection and 8-12mbps over wifi. So today's task is to use their junk as a modem (although all the warmth and jazzy blinky lights suggest the other stuff is disabled but still powered on). Then I can use my own Cisco kit to switch and route within the house. Oh, and I also need to sort the subnets and network topology for a couple or three smart TVs and a pretty complicated web of computers. Cue humping and dumping of kit with the eventual aim of elegant simplicity. So much for my day off (he said, secretly enjoying this stuff a little bit)....


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