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Tuesday, October 8

House Day

Another day of R&R passes; I have spent it eating fine food (albeit
yesterday's leftovers), drinking delicious espresso while watching the
Tour of Lombardy on Eurosport, and messing with my GoPro. The cam is
amazing, shooting 1440p video at 30fps or 1080p at a whopping 50fps.
Awesome stuff but I did discover the reason it was cheap in best buy. No
wifi remote charging cable, so one has been purchased from HK for £7. I
love these things, they really make you want to go and jump off a cliff
or do a crazy MTB ride. Most of my vids are fairly sedate, involving
diving, cycling or motorcycling. I have some more to upload to youtube
actually, so maybe I should do that this afternoon. Broadband working
well with my kit, but the 3 year-old router might get upgraded soon,
depending on what I see well-reviewed / on special offer. Out!


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