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Tuesday, May 12

Wi-Fi Weirdness

In the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing some very annoying networking problems, eventually tracked down to my provider's crappy fibre modem (they will remain nameless except to say they also do ...Money and ...Atlantic products).

In the course of the troubleshooting I re-flashed my Asus RT-N66U with its original firmware... which meant I had to go back to Merlin for a replacement. Well all of this went well and I was getting 105mbps from all of my devices except my main computer, which stubbornly refused to get back on the Wi-Fi it had been using for years (it's not even a laptop).

Eventually I resolved the issue by nuking the Wi-Fi pref panes using these instructions. No secret OS X glitch with Yosemite, nothing sinister, just a busted config. The only thing I would say is that Apple diagnostics are pretty lame. For help with signal and band congestion I have been using iStumbler. Oh, and while you're reconfiguring your network, do yourself a massive favour and get onto OpenDNS.

Isn't it weird how unrelated computer bits often break / unconfigure themselves at the same time?


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