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Thursday, June 18

US Sat Nav 2

So the Garmin Nuvi 200 arrived, with massively out of date firmware and 2008 City Navigator NT mapping. Checked the internal battery and all seems good. The device itself is great, a worthy successor to my Garmin i3 (small, 3" screen, nice form factor and a good design of charge cable, old enough to still have pretty rugged quality, not like flimsy new ones).

Connected to Garmin Express and the firmware immediately updated to 5.10. Good news so far... but what's this? A free map update?! Looks like someone in the past associated this serial no. with free lifetime maps! The GPS also had the UK Safety Cam network on it (albeit out of date). So after a bit of faffing (the map update fits on the internal memory with nothing to spare) I ended up with UK/Ireland 2015.40 NavTeq maps via Garmin, as well as Nevada and the D.C. metro area routable OSM maps on an SD card.

Only glitch so far is that the cartography of the OSM isn't very pleasing, so I was considering choosing some other options on the download - like perhaps not choosing the new style. Anyone else have any experience? Final thing to do is to sort out the 1" RAM Mount ball to attach to my GS; I got the RAM chassis for the GPS but I ordered the wrong size ball, so it will be a few days before I can test it. All going OK though.

** Edit: Going to regular OSM cartography appears much better: indistinguishable in symbology or colours from the standard Garmin mapping. Happy days. **


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