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Saturday, September 26

Ten Years Ago!

This visit to a disused Tube station was a decade ago.

Tuesday, March 31

NAS Benchmarks

Some interesting results here.  Mainly that the 1TB and 3TB NAS devices have the same hardware, network position and so on - the only difference is the spec of the drives themselves.  The other surprise is the weak throughput of the Apple TimeCapsule, which has just been fitted with a new Seagate 8TB drive (exact model unknown).  The local SATA connection is pretty impressive but not amazing.  For reference note that my 1Gbps network should support about 125MB/s throughput.

Sunday, February 23

Fake CPL and Garmin Dash Cam 55

Looks like I might have purchased FAKE circular polariser filter for my Garmin Dash Cam 55:

Check out the video:

Friday, January 31

Can you guess which days we charged our 94Ah BMW i3?

Monday, October 28

Almost Time for Another Winter

Sunday, September 30

Still Here!

Blog is still up and I'm still here.  Just mayhem and blogging isn't working out at the moment.  I'll be back when there's something to share.

Thursday, April 19

Manually remove TimeMachine backups!

These steps just saved me from having to reformat an external drive:

- Open Time Machine Disk
- Locate and open the folder Backups.backupdb
- Go to view by date and choose oldest on top
- Select the backup you want to delete
- Open Teminal and type sudo rm -rvf
- Drag and drop the old folders you want to delete in the Terminal Window
- Enter you user password at the prompt

Couple of warnings - use rm -rvf carefully, especially with sudo!
Dragging and dropping the correct file path is a good move, even if you're experienced.
From here.