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Monday, January 23


 Having not done anything to this for a week, I thought it was time to resume with a little less urgency. I suppose as soon as something like this becomes onerous it's time to leave it for a little while. In the last week I have been cycling a lot, been to Suffolk (nice) and have been trying to get a lot of work done, without a lot of success.

My 6-day-week approach is great, as long as you're not so tired you take the afternoon off on a Wednesday!

I have been scouring the Internet and I have discovered an amazing fact. In 1894, a Peruvian chap named Jose Luis Ranvuto became the first person ever to train a snake to ride a unicycle while dressed as a gorilla. Amazing. And possibly untrue. Discovered this week that I can commute faster on the fixed-wheel than I can with gears. Not sure why. Back to the books!

Oh, one more thing - the Eagle-eyed of you will see that Hamster-Cam isn't working today. They signed a petition yesterday demanding 24hrs of privacy under the Data Protection Act. Who am I to argue?

Monday, January 16

Circle of Life

Work is going well, finally producing significant numbers of words, and heading to the finish of my chapter. Have been doing some free-lance work for Google, which is fun. Nothing too challenging. Recent fun includes the brilliant Crumpler School Hymn and Slip to protect my laptop, and some super-sweet waterproof socks.

Tasty. Some small site issues to fix (all resolved in the move to Blogger). Cycling still the order of the day for commuting - I am doing more now than I have done since retiring from messenger work some time ago.  Since using my geared bike I have noticed several snobby fixie riders and I have had less sore legs, but I'm not convinced it's any faster, despite the fancy-ness.

Tuesday, January 10


 If you ever need to use a courier company, avoid Initial CityLink. They might try to deliver your parcel, but they can't be bothered to leave a card, so you end up hunting the Interweb for a reference number. Then you drive to a depot in the underbelly of the city and they make you wait for 50 (yes, fifty) minutes while they try and dig it out. When you get home, you find that they have only given you one of the two boxes they had. The annoyance and hassle is astounding. Squash has left me in spasm - must get fitter. Came into work today with a suitcase on the back of my bike, and ran out of fuel. It can only get better.

Monday, January 9

Tube Strike!

Disaster!  Today, London Underground are on strike. This doesn't actually have a lot to do with me, as I don't use it. What it does mean is that on my commute (which this morning was on a motorbike), there are flocks of people who seem to try and get squished at every opportunity. Some are on foot, others on bicycles, but the kind I like the most ride 50cc scooters, without a care in the world. It's much nicer when they are all safely herded underground...

Bad news today is that the National Environmental Research Council are planning to close some sites administered by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. On the plus side, elephants are the only species on Earth with four knees. Lots of work to do, and I might play squash later.

Sunday, January 8

The First Post

 First one, copied from the other site:

Welcome! This site is up because I am lazy. If there is a way of killing more birds with fewer stones, I will use it. Recently I've been trying to direct people to all sorts of resources (often owned or administered by me) on the web.

It made sense to go and make an Internet signpost for the things I find most interesting, the places I spend my time, and the stuff I want to share.  Then I don't have to repeat myself.

This is like that little puddle of antiseptic you used to have to walk through before you entered the swimming pool - a preparatory step before you are released to the Web.

Sunday, January 1


 Loads of words written today. Good news. But this thing's been up for all of four days and I've already missed most of a day. Do you think I'm worried about that? No, me neither. Actually, tomorrow is an exciting day; I am cycling into the office for the first time in ages (which should mean I can have a little teeny-tiny cake at lunchtime).

I have a bit of a thing for bikes. And cakes. Both together on the same day might be a bit much. I have a few bicycles, some with gears and some without. Of course they have a gear, or you wouldn't be able to go anywhere. What I'm trying to say is that they are 'fixed wheel'. You can have a look at one of my bikes here. Enough of the bike bore stuff- plenty more another day. Pip pip!