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Saturday, September 27

Cute Doggie!

Friday, September 26

Caught in the Dark!

Monday, September 22


Although the blog's been a little sparse recently, there is some exciting news coimg up.... including weddings (not mine!), dogs, bikes, computers and some foreign travel.  I am hoping to finish off some projects soon and buy some lovely things.  More when I have more time.

Sunday, September 21

Hot and Cold Summer Day

Saturday, September 6


After ages of not having a scanner, we recently bought one in Tesco.  Actually it's a printer / copier / scanner, which sits alongside the remarkably good B&W laser we have.  I stood next to the big pile of them (all reduced) and did a Froogle search on my mobile - turns out they were very cheap.  The one we have is an HP, ideal for a few colour pages a month and for using as a one-touch photocopier, even when the Mac is off.  Nice.  It is a little bit of filing-cabinet-and-printer overload in our study though.  I think I need an Airport Extreme but I'm too tight to buy one.  Looking forward to more GPS-enabled cycling at the weekend.