Hot and Sandy

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Thursday, November 20

Vehicle Check

Briefly:  Dommie needs tyres, chain & sprocket fitting and a new exhaust.  Wheel rebuild and Rally cockpit in the long run.

R1100S needs new shock fitting (ready) and possibly a service.  Both bikes are taxed and insured for ages.

Car needs 300gbp spending on it, before the MOT is renewed.  Because I don't need it every day I will SORN it and work on a repair by ordering parts and so on.

Yellow bike's good, although the Open Pro / D'Ace 32s need a matched pair of tyres before I can use them.

MTB (Cannondale) could do with a longer BB, but I haven't been prioritising it because I never need the little ring round here.  The Pomp needs a new drivetrain and a Garmin mount fitting.

I think tha't everything.  :-( 

The Return!

After a long-haul trip back to the UK I'm happy to be back.  Managed to buy the things I needed and got a lot of work done.  Still processing the differences between the places, but feel good.  Had a minor car prang in the rented vehicle - hope it's nothing serious in terms of money / hassle now I'm home!

Tuesday, November 11


A long flight and you end up with the same weather as you had in London - typical!  Place is nice and different, and the hotel obviously aren't short of real estate!  Drop me a line if you know me and you want something picking up.  :-)  x

Monday, November 10

Weather and Travel

After an Alan Partridge week staying in a hotel, I'm glad to be home.  Unfortunately my car needs fixing, my bike needs the new shock I have fitting and the other one needs an exhaust.  Ouch.  Credit crunch indeed.  

As for the cycling, I think perhaps it's time to spend some money on the Pompino.  For one I want to refresh the drive train (new cog, chainring and decent quality chain).  But I also want to lower teh gearing slightly to account for the cold weather and slower club runs.  While I'm at it I'll give it a clean, possibly a new bottom bracket and certainly a new pair of tyres - the ones on it have been absolutely brilliant, but the front (ex-back) one is bald and the rear (ex-front) one has a worrying sidewall bulge.  Hmm.  

Will hit the web with some pics when I've done it.