Hot and Sandy

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Tuesday, December 30

Isle of Wight Christmas

Tuesday, December 23

Drivin' Home for.....

Was a good trip today, __mph and the cruise control cossetting me.  Dog was great as well and we arrived to a lovely meal and a relaxing afternoon.  

Just to pre-emptively make myself feel better about the Christmas food and drink stuff I gave blood in the afternoon - must have been a record because the nurses commented on how quickly I filled my pint bag!  Yucky.  

Got a new year's resolution or two already lined up: give blood regularly, finish projects in my personal life and cycle to work as soon as the light permits.  Some small changes and some photos to come I think.

Need to repair the Pan-Med 2004 photo galleries as soon as possible - the reason I put this here is to shame myself into doing it.  It really has come to this...  :-)

Saturday, December 13

Wise and Old

So.  30 years old.  My eyes have been opened.  Since my birthday winter has arrived, and I've been motorcycling to work with thick hoar frost on the roads.  A little scary, siippery and bad for the bike - but also elemental.  I kind of like being out there in the freezing cold, doing challenging physical things either side of my day job.  I need it, I think.

Wednesday, December 3

More work travel...

Trekked south in the freezing cold, after my previously-reliable car gave up the ghost and dropped it's exhaust onto the road this morning. Have been getting pangs of 'no cycling' recently, with work and other commitments (like a serious man-cold) getting in the way. I'll be riding again soon, albeit on slightly lower gearing. I plan to go 2 teeth up at the front, to 45-15. Not sure how many inches that is. Will work it out another time. So late, so karvol. Thinky stuff tomorrow. Bye!