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Tuesday, March 31

Canberra -10,680 miles from home

Arrived in Canberra, the administrative capital of Australia (and an
early C20th compromise between bicking Melbourne and Sydney) this
morning on a short hop from Sydney. Had a decent day of work,
although I am slightly stressed about being bitten by a Redback while
I'm here. Hotel is decidedly average, so I'm prepared to go and have
a walk round for brekkie in the morning. Good news is that I was here
for the first rain in months - cue lots of jokes about bringing Brit
weather with me!

Monday, March 30

Singapore - 6,800 miles from home

Is nice, took a couple of photos but I'll be leaving in about an hour.
Just time for a quick shower?  Worst part of the whole trip so far
has been the surly, disorganised and incompetent staff at BAA
Heathrow.  The sooner the competition commission make them allow other
players into the airport management business the better!

Saturday, March 28

Love this watch

Black and red - Nice!  Vertical stripe goes from L to R as the day wears on, horizontal goes from bottom to top through the hour.  Genius.

PS > If you don't listen to Adam and Joe on BBC 6Music, start now! They have podcasts and everything.

Another Mac Fan

Although it's boring and the web is full of people blogging about Apple, I've had a pretty good experience recently.  Actually it occurred to me that they probably expect people to blog about good service, so maybe I'm playing into theit giant American corporate hands.....

We got an iMac when the 1.83GHz 17" was new.  It was an upgrade from a blue & white, and was supposed to sit alongside an iBook (and later a Powerbook).  We got the Applecare, so I was perversely disappointed when it was pretty reliable - where's the value for money there?!  Then in the second half of 2008 a crazy assortment of lines appeared on the screen, as though it had developed bad columns.  

I called Apple and they appointed a local repair agent, who sent a courier to collect the machine.  Four or five days later and it's back with a new LCD, all repaired.  Only the problem returns a few weeks later.  So it goes back.  And gets repaired again.  So far, so good.  The screen stayed good for a bit, and then failed again.  I spose it was probably some power supply thing, not actually to do with the panel.

Anyway, the repair place suggested I call Apple direct.  And they replaced the computer.  They replaced the computer!  Now we have a shiny new whizz-bang 20".  Love it - I got £900-odd quid out of Applecare!  Awesome.  I will be getting Applecare on all products from now on, and I will be hoping they break down at 2.5 years.  Bike has been great, been cleaned and come out in the sun.  Also got some Alpinestars Track pants recently.  Expecting more confidence.  Miserable and gusty and cold today though so I'm not going out.

Am in foreign lands from tomorrow, so looking forward to lots of photography and nice desert. :-)

Monday, March 23

A Month!

Since the last update and it's been madness. More at some point soon.
But not now, it's not a good time.