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Sunday, July 19

Is Fedora Still Secure?

Friday, July 17

Wow, what rain!

Can't believe Brad Wiggins is still within 45" of the yellow jersy, after stage 13 of the TdF! Excellent news and David Millar is also riding well as super-somestique (although I reckon he may have a break and a stage win in him yet).

Have been away for a week, so ended up riding home 2hrs on the R11S today in absolutely unbelievable rain. At one stage I was sure I could see lightning hitting the ground - flash and crash were at the same instant! Bike and kit were both excellent. Nothing makes me appreciate the power deliver of the boxer like a greasy roundabout in the rain. Oh, also had a rear puncture but it was in the middle of the tread; ended up getting recovered and paying £35 for a permanent repair.

Fedora 11 installed itself on my NC10 netbook recently. What a palaver. I had FC10 working exactly as I wanted, and I'm not convinced 11 is any better. People mention faster booting... not for me. They talk of enhanced pulseaudio... I deleted it and went back to ALSA... They mention a gucci boot sequence... I had to disable it because it screws up compiz / dock / AWN. Add to this a relabel of my partitions and subsequent 'loss' of my home area through the GUI (which I still can't fix) and it's an annoying upgrade!

More another time. Tschuss!

Sunday, July 12

Robinson R22

I was supposed to be flying a helicopter yesterday, but it broke down so they cancelled me... I also ruined a sporty motorcycle by bolting on a massive top-box. Practical yes, cool no.

Monday, July 6

New Dommie Parts!

New wheel arrivedd today.  Really old design Honda logos on the box and a mint, brand new 1989 NX650 front wheel inside!  It seems really strange to have located NOS for a bike like this.  Very happy though.  Have a new pair of Karoo 6 Day tyres to fit, complete with HD tubes and rimlocks.  Only drag on my rebuilt trail wheels is that rear rim is silver, front is gold.  I may try and locate a NOS rear wheel to complete the look.  New Arrow race exhaust and chain & sprocket kit complete the minor overhaul.  I have some crash bars and a high mudguard from an XR600 to fit as well (and an Acerbis large plastic tank).  If anyone knows anything about the fabled XL600R shock conversion (to give more travel at the rear) please drop me a line.  Plans continue for an IMO, a FatBar conversion and some pannier racks.  In the meantime I'm tempted by the classic class of big-bike enduros...  :-)