Hot and Sandy

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Thursday, September 10

Creeping Progress

A new way of writing this time, part of the approaching convergeance
that I find so scary. More another time. I'll fix the character set
issues soon. Miller out.

Monday, September 7

New Progress Netbook?

Am starting a new FC11 install and it appears to have recognised the old partition. Is this progress? Will I be able to save the Win partition? Going through a wired net-install as we speak. This time I was smarter and 1) connected to all the FC11 repositories, 2) removed all the optional languages at install and 3) decided against any of the 'potted' software builds. I'll add stuff as and when I need it. Update later.

Wednesday, September 2

New NC10 Hassles....

Still fighting with the netbook, struggling to get a bootable session
from the kernel images on the disk. Good news is that I can at least
see the installation. Hanging at boot. If I hadn't spent so long
optimising the Linux side and storing data on the W*ndows side I'd be
tempted to wipe and start again. Grrr. More cycling soon I think. Car
now fixed and working well. In fact I think I like it. Lots of DIY
over the bank holiday. :-)