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Thursday, September 30

Anyone want to swap commutes?

Mine is either 35mins in a car with an oil leak (that smells as though it's about to catch fire) or an hour on the train... both a bit boo. Weather's lovely though - 6 degrees is a cold start but we're being paid back with blazing sun. Can't wait to get the bike out again! There's nothing like having rasping lungs in the countryside at 0630 on a fixie :-)

Saturday, September 25

Disused Tube

Yesterday was exciting - the chance to go underground into a Tube station that has been closed to the public since 1994. I know what you're thinking - a mid-90s tube station's probably not that cool. Well Aldwych tube has been dressed as it was during the Blitz, when up to 1500 local Londoners sheltered on the tracks! The station was complete with 1940s train and some very entertaining character actors. Very interesting and a rare opportunity. Good stuff.

Saturday, September 11

Ride-Out Tomorrow! 

Heading out to blow the cobwebs off tomorrow on my R1100S S, looking forward to the sun and empty roads. This is leading up to an end-of-year camping blat across France and down to the Riviera with my Dad.

Other stuff includes a major reorganistion of computers at home. I had wanted to replace the mini-workstation we're using to run a Fedora file server / DMZ with a Mac Mini, but the prices are outrageous. I mean unmanageable and a little silly. 

I suppose what I lose by not being able to buy a new Mac I gain in other ways: high-spec alu Powerbook G4s (especially the 12") seem to also be fetching excellent money.

Wednesday, September 8

Repairs & Work

Lots has been happening. During the kerfuffle my blog broke (due to the
much-publicised dropping of FTP support by Google Apps). Because I
didn't repair it and the web fosters such a fickle audience, I'm pretty
sure most of the randoms that used to pop in once in a while have moved
on to more fertile digital pastures. No matter, I've always maintained
that this place is for me to throw things, archive things and mess
about. All now appears to be fixed again, and I should be uploading some
new pics soon.