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Saturday, November 27

Grrr Blackberry Fail! >:-((

Have been arguing with my Blackberry 9700 for some hours today - the other day it wanted to update it's OS to something 0.0.3 ahead in versions, so I thought "OK, it is called a smart phone, after all" and said yes. Bad move. The device becomes 1) more power-hungry 2) less stable and - most irritatingly - 3) they stop you from being able to remove BB core applications! This means that those of us disinterested in BB Messenger (for example people who use Google Chat over air) cannot disable it, remove it, or stop it from running in background! I have a feeling that not all BB providers in the UK support the "upgrade". Now I'm fighting possibly the worst upgrade / deprecate / backup user interface in the world, in the form of BB Desktop Manager. What a load of cobblers. Should have left it alone.

Thursday, November 25

Snow Leopard has arrived!

All because of the Magic Trackpad... Some people have reported catastrophic issues but mine were relatively minor - possibly because I waited long enough that I knew what to expect! Aside from having to get Parallels 5 before the switch, I had to rebuild the RAID on my 2TB backup disk (which took ages), install Aperture 3 and mess with Sophos Antivirus. All in all fairly painless though. Not sure I can see many benefits yet, but watch this space. This week also saw some very major frost (coldest November in almost 20yrs) and we sold a sporty RWD car for a sporty 4WD one, just in time for winter. Go us.

Sunday, November 7

Bonus Nice Day

Went out on my yellow bike, newly winterised with wheels, guards and tyres. Other news concerns a recent motorcycle tour of northern France (some vids on YouTube of that one) and continued hassle with other 2-wheeled projects, including a scooter and the venerable Dommie project.