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Saturday, April 28

Photos Coming Back

Gallery issues now resolved with a comprehensive restructure of the
server. More secure and scalable and well-organised. I am adding pics
and optimising gallery settings over the next 24 hours or so. Blessing
in a very convincing "annoying cock-up" disguise. Still, fixed. Rainy
and thoroughly miserable here at the moment, all the more reason to love
my REI stuff :-)

Friday, April 27

Gallery Woes Pt. 2

So the gallery is dead. I did an upgrade and a db repair, then when all
that failed I tried a reinstall to no avail. I am using this as an
opportunity to refresh the file structure on the server, since I have
some time on my hands. I am seriously considering moving towards a
hosted service like Flickr, MobileMe, Picasa Web Albums or something
else, but they don't seem as configurable or extensible. I also have
more than a Gb of images, so they might start costing... Any links,
thoughts or experience on Gallery 2 vs. online hosting would be great.
In other news I recently bought some Kriega luggage for my bike and on
first inspection it looks great. More on that in due course. Miller out.

Thursday, April 26

No Photos

Every couple of years my hosting provider does something to a machine
running my services and it breaks. Although I appreciate them upgrading
hardware (and I also know that stuff fails once in a while) it's always
a major PITA to fix. After a couple of weeks of intermittent problems,
my photo gallery has stopped working altogether. Simple user-level
maintenance hasn't fixed the issue so a reinstall and db restore is
afoot. Sorry it's down - I'll get it back up soon. Apparently I was a
couple of sw versions behind anyway, so things might be slicker when
they return... Oh, one more thing - there's nothing I can do about the
new Google banner. And some Opera users might get an error saying that
my blog doesn't allow frames - this is a recent Opera 'innovation' and
can be resolved by masquerading as Firefox. Joy.

Sunday, April 22

2012 Kicks Off In Earnest

After an interesting time away from home I'm back. Q1 of 2012 has brought nothing but dust, filth and hard work. But some time at home allows me to attack some projects and finish things off. Immediately springing to mind are uploading some recent pics, chasing Roberts regarding the frame he's working on for me, and buying a Dakar race bike / sorting out my NX650s. We'll see, updates pending. Happy 2012! On a weird and unconnected note, Marina & The Diamonds is really rather good. Might try and see her live.