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Tuesday, July 24

Opera Is Terrible

I started using Opera in the late 90s, when it was little-used but very
fast and standards-compliant. As Mozilla Firefox moved from being the
alternative left-field choice towards being the big player, I thought
perhaps the alternative business model of Opera would survive. I
temporarily looked at Camino, I use IE (yuck) on machines I'm not
allowed to administer and I have installed Chrome. None pulled me away
from Opera, until now. Version 12.00 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 Lion is awful.
Google doesn't load! Pages hang! The internet seems a horrible and
unreliable place.... until you load with Safari, in which case all is
fine. Worst thing is that it's been like this for several versions, and
it's getting worse. So for now, Opera, goodbye. It wasn't me, it was
you. I'm not angry just disappointed.

Friday, July 20


I had an old Kona Cindercone frame (Joe Murray era, RaceLight tubing) I was using as a singlespeed in London. About 6yrs ago I procured some Paul Components fixed ends and thought it would be cool to mod the old Kona to be a fixie. Well I just got round to it. More detailed build story another time, the headline for now is that Chas Roberts "fixed" it for me, ha ha. He did an amazing job. More soon! Look at the gallery, filed under bikes! I'm calling it FIBUA (google) because of its origins and because it's a stripped down and brutally fast commuter.

Monday, July 2

Back Home!

Been away, just got back and TSA have been through my bag. Not a
disaster and obviously I favour ubiquitous security, but they could have
been a little more careful. Glad to be home in the cool and drizzly
July. July! Amazingly crap weather. Am currently working on OpenDNS at
home, wondering whether it will enable faster web. Looks promising from
initial testing, but we'll see. Also getting to the final straw with
Opera - I've been a fan since the 90s but the current build fails on all
Google services on my Mac, including the home page. Unacceptable!