Hot and Sandy

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Monday, December 31

Wow. Seven years!

Friday, December 28

It's Over!

The brief, torrid and costly love affair is over. It wasn't me, it was her.

Friday, December 14

Miss This Bike...

Thursday, December 13

Mo Mist Mo Problem

So the dilemma du jour is whether to repair my perfect 2nd gen iPod Mini. The click wheel has failed, and the part is only available in conjunction with a new case for $49. All to get back to an old-skool 4gb iPod. Not sure it's worth it. I will take it apart to make sure it's not just a connector though. IFixit reckons it's a hard job requiring a special set of plastic spudgers. Ha - my gerber will be fine. Weather awful - -5deg C all day today and freezing fog. Changed car again, then rejected it as a lemon so due another change soon. So exciting my life is. EDIT: iPod fault was not simply click wheel connector, sold it on eBay for £18. Win.