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Saturday, August 17

Another Fine K Day

Less warm today, probably 37c but dusty and hazy all day. I can feel the sun tan being replaced by a dirt tan. Work was pretty brutal, 0900-0130 even though the main equipment was not working. Although on duty I had some time to go and replace the knife I lost (Gerber Evo Mini replaced with Evo regualr-size). I also had a delivery of "Black Tiger" coffee and goods from REI. So not a bad day but tiring. 

Had some time yesterday evening to reflect, and look back on 'this day in history' from previous years. Odd to look back on getting Nik Nak home and settled, mentions of getting FIBUA fixed up and so on. Time flies. I also looked at some of the amazing places we've been in the photo section, and made a promise to myself to book amazing travel soon. Thinking of a one-man-wolfpack photo safari tomorrow once I've slept in and had a bacon buttie and a coffee. Rebelling against the 7-day week. 
More when I get time!

Radio Silence

A bit of quiet never did anyone any harm.