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Wednesday, April 20

Car Nav Update

Today I updated the nav firmware in my car using some very special SD cards, and installed new maps (K0260 and Western Europe 2015). It was a little tense and complicated, and I was fearful that I might brick the head unit, but all went well and the maps are installed and operational. Only slight frustration is that Audi do not appear to publish a change-log, so I'm not sure what is different in 6yrs of firmware updates. Any clues?

Sunday, April 17

Hire Car Fillings

You know the feeling. Driving a hire car and it's empty so you pull up to the fuel pump, fingers crossed or straining in the mirrors to see the distant outline of a filler cap. No more! This is completely amazing. I never even noticed the arrow, but it's almost always there. No more mental note of which side to pull up, no more smearing a nasty hose all over your back window. Behold!