Hot and Sandy

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Tuesday, July 24


We have a dog.  A seven-year old Shiba Inu, called Nik-Nak.  More if / when  it works out.  Lookin' good so far though!

Monday, July 23


Went to a brilliant one over the weekend.  It took us more than twice aas long as expected to get there because of flooding, and we were fording streams in the car, but it was well worth it!  Congratulations to James and Christina.

Friday, July 20


Man, I have to get out on my bikes more.  I'm not talking about motorcycles- good old pedal power.  I really miss it.  

In our house one of us is getting a job change soon, which means that we won't be dependent on each other to get to the station and so on.  One of the side-effects of this is that I'll be able to cycle to work.

You might remember a previous bloggage about cycling to my current place of work; well it's a slog, initially on lovely country roads but later on fenland alongside (or at least parallel to) the A1, exposed and barren.  The plan was to audaxify my On-One and use that, on a pretty easy fixed year (I'm thinking 42x16).  Works well until you get a real howler of a day like today.

I've been working at home and it's been amazing - not amazingly productive, but amazing nonetheless.  I've seen roughly 28 years of weather and today was still pretty damn cool.  Proper "ghostbuster skies", lashing horizontal rain and gloom.  Nice! 

More another time.  Faceb00k's been on TV again today, which means that it will be full of idiots by tonight.  Sorry, I meant fuller.  I must try and work out when I first joined.  I'll tell you something for free (my lad?) - it was a long long time ago.

Japanese Smoking Awareness

While working today I stumbled across this. I like it.

Tuesday, July 10

Crazy weather!

Rain sun rain sun rain.  Driving me mad I tell you!  The other week, in a fit of positivity and a wave of proaction, I rode my bike to work.  

It's about 21 miles, so not exactly next door but not an offensive distance to do twice a day.  Getting there was fine, lovely comfy bike, nice roads etc.  Took a shade under an hour on my 42x15 fixie.  Nice.

The way home was a total nightmare - a howling (and I mean howling) headwind all the way, ripping across the fens.  It felt as though I was ridng uphill all the way, no joke.  I ended up grinding along at not-many mph.  Not a lot of fun.

Urgh, look at the time.  Have to finish correcting my thesis.  Lots to do and not a lot of time (by 31/07/07). 

Friday, July 6

Stupid Cheapo Router

I got the DynDNS - the hard part of the loop - done very easily, and then the easy part broke.  Humph.  

For some reason my router thinks that whenever I connect to the address of the webhost, I'm trying to do some webadmin rubbish.  Not good, and all the odder because the first time it was all set up, no problem.  I was even looking at home-hosted pages through WAP on my phone at lunch-break.  Then I get home and it's bu99ered.  

No time togo through a fix now though.  Lots to do and no time off work.  Am on Facebook if you want to look.  :-) 

Wednesday, July 4

Home Websites!

I've been looking into using a computer at home to host a website.  Easy, you'd think.  Especially since Mac OS comes with Apache Web Server built in.  Hmm, well it's not quite that simple because my broadband provider (Orange, who charge me £0.00 per month, by the way) insist on renewing my IP every once in a while.  To get round this I looked into using a solution called DynDNS, which links your (ever-changing) IP to a hostname of your choice.  Will write more when I've got it working.

Sunday, July 1

Boot Camp and Eastern Europe!

Well, Slovakia was great. Good food, excellent weather etc. I stuck it up on my travel map, which I will try and integrate into this page a bit more, once the people who run it have sorted all the niggly issues.

Only other thing to report is that the other day I needed Windows, having run a proudly non-Win household for quite some time. Anyway, if you have a late-gen Intel Mac and you want to run XP Pro, you have to check out Apple Boot Camp while it's a beta. I reckon it will become expensive on full-release.

PS > Tour de France looms. Sweet. Oh, and I've finally spent some time filling in a FaceBook profile. :-)